System Health Report

This article applies to Manage upgraded to 4.5v with new UI features. Toggle the New User Experience button to switch to the new Manage UI and click the Reports tab. If you do not see the toggle button to switch between the New UI and Classic UI, please contact Enlighted Support to enable the toggle button in your Manage application. 


The System Health report provides diagnostic information on the status of Enlighted devices, recommending devices that require a firmware upgrade, detecting failed components, and the time to repair or service the network or failed devices.

To generate a report,

  • Click on the Reports > System Health menu.
  • Click Download to save the report in Excel. The file is password protected, and users will be unable to open or view the contents. Send the downloaded file to Enlighted Customer Support. The Support Team will analyze and customize the report with a mix of customer service reporting metrics and analytics and send it back to you. 

Site Overview

The Site Overview provides a concise, comprehensive overview of the site details and device information.

Data loss from offline devices — The percentage of packets that sensors attempted to send to Enlighted Manage was never received as they were offline.

Light Fixtures Currently Un-adjustable — The number of light fixtures with un-adjustable light levels. 

Rooms without Manual Control — The number of rooms without an ERC switch for controlling the light levels of fixtures.


Total Hardware Count

Displays the total number of Enlighted hardware devices deployed at the site and their status.


Component Health

The component health report provides health metrics for the devices: Sensors, Gateways, and ERCs.   

Healthy — Communication last occurred no longer than 15 minutes ago. 

Outdated Firmware or Low Battery — Provides a list of devices that need a software upgrade to the latest firmware version and the number of devices with low battery.

Offline or Critical Battery — When a device is not connected to the network or is unable to communicate with other devices in the IoT network, it is offline. Devices like Gateway, Sensors, and Plugload Controller would show offline if the last connectivity date was more than five days ago. The Critical Battery level indicates that the ERCs are about to hibernate. The number of offline devices and ERCs critical battery levels are displayed. If an ERC is offline, it may be due to the battery level. 



The Enlighted Manage is available as a cloud-based software or on-premise server, providing an interface that allows you to view the health and status of devices.

  • Device Type — Specifies the device type (Manage, Midrange Enlighted Manage, Enterprise Enlighted Manage). Refer to the Manage Spec Sheets.
  • Device Capacity — The minimum and maximum number of sensors the Manage application can handle.

Device Type

Product Code

Minimum Number of Sensors  

Max. Number of Sensors





Enlighted Manage in the Cloud (EMC)   EMC-SWC-01 0 18000

Midrange Enlighted Manage




Enterprise Enlighted Manage (EEM)



10,000 with BACnet

18,000 without BACnet

  • Over Capacity — The Over Capacity notification that the customer has exceeded the maximum number of devices that Manage can handle.
  • Firmware Version — The Manage application version and its status. If the version shows outdated, refer to the Manage Release Notes to determine the most recent Manage version.


Hardware Breakdown

This report provides a breakdown of the installed number of sensors by device type and Model number. Each slice represents the proportion of the number of sensors installed by the Model number. For example, from the Gen.4 family, 693 Two-wire sensors (Model: FS-D2-2) and 744 Microsensors (Model: SU-4E-01) are installed at the site. The site has a relatively lower number of Gen 5 sensors.

The number of ERC switches and Gateways installed at the site are displayed. For example, 192 ERC switches, Model WS-2-00, and 21 Gateways, Model GW-2-00, are installed at the site.


Site Assessment

The Site Assessment summarizes the information to determine whether a site warrants an action. For example, the site has 1,422 Gen 4 sensors which could be replaced with the latest recommended Gen 5 sensors. In addition, 111 devices need firmware to be updated, and 49 devices cannot communicate with the Manage server.


Repair Breakdown

The following chart shows the hours needed to perform device upgrades by device type and restore devices online.


Focus of Repair

The following charts show the total percentage and hours required for the devices to perform device upgrades and the percentage of offline devices and hours needed to reconnect devices online.



Displays the time needed to repair or upgrade a device type.


Gateway Outage Report

The Gateway outage report shows the Gateways not communicating with the sensors network in the selected facility. This list is populated based on the last connectivity status; if the last connected time is less than 15 minutes, the Gateway is listed in this report.