SU-5E Black Bezel Bulletin

This article notifies you that the SU-5E has a black bezel available. The product name is SU-5E-BTR. This part can be purchased as a single line item and the black bezels are available in packs of 25.

Please download the SU-5E Black Bezel Bulletin for more information.


Gateway Bulletin Outdoor Enclosure

This article notifies you that the Gateway product, GW-2-01 is not to be mounted outdoors. The Gateway device must be installed indoors.

If an application is required for outdoor sensors, the Gateway should be mounted on an interior wall and via cable connect to any outdoor omni-directional antenna with a gain of up to 11dBi or less can be used.

Please download the Gateway Bulletin for more information.

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Power Cable Renamed

We send an email notification when changes occur, such as product deprecation, product name changes, regulatory amendments. In addition to sending an email, we post all circulars on this page so you can easily reference them.

  • Power Cable product code was renamed from CBL-5E-2W-30N to CBL-5E-PWR-30N 
    Part number 12-02769-01. (Download Cable_PrdCode_Change.pdf)