Manage Release Components

Release Date: Nov 23, 2022

Download: As the Manage file size is large, submit a request to Enlighted Support to obtain the link for downloading the file.

Caution: Read the Manage Release Notes before downloading and upgrading the release. Release Notes are available only for registered partners and customers. 

Download Software and Document 


Manage Software Link (64-bit) 
Manage 4.5 (General Availability)

Note: Manage 4.5 requires an OS upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04; contact Enlighted Support or submit a ticket in order to perform this upgrade.

Download: As the Manage software file size is large, submit a ticket to Enlighted Support to obtain the link for downloading and upgrading Manage. The Support team is responsible for installing the software and upgrading your system.

Firmware Upgrade Compatibility List 
Upload this list to Manage prior to upgrading firmware. 

Manage Admin Guide

Manage Admin Guide PDF

API Documentation API documentation describing Manage REST API Interface with examples.
BACnet Documentation Documents supporting Manage BACnet interface

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Refer to the Manage Compatibility Matrix to help you understand the requirements for upgrading Manage. Follow the self-service steps described in Upgrade Manage Software to upgrade to Manage 4.5.0 release.

The Upgrade Path for Enlighted Devices helps you identify the firmware upgrade path before downloading and installing a later version for Enlighted devices.