Product Rename

We send an email notification when changes occur, such as product deprecation, product name changes, regulatory amendments. In addition to sending an email, we post all circulars on this page so you can easily reference them.

  • Power Cable product code was renamed from CBL-5E-2W-30N to CBL-5E-PWR-30N 
    Part number 12-02769-01. (Download Cable Rename_0813.pdf)


Product Label Declaration

1. Australia RCM 

The devices with the RCM logo comply with the Australian and New Zealand regulatory approvals requirements.


The Microsensor SU-5E (model SU-5E-01) is too small to have the RCM mark affixed on the product. As per guidelines to comply with the ACMA regulations, Enlighted has affixed the RCM mark in the installation guide and will affix it onto the carton packaging. Please refer to the Label Declaration letter.