Temperature APIs

Data Transfer

Temperature APIs

Is a temperature API available?

Yes. See Get Sensor Details

How accurate is the temperature data?

The temperature data is accurate within 2 degrees Fahrenheit over the operating range of the sensor. The temperature sensor is inside the sensor. And the sensor is frequently inside a light fixture. Consequently, the sensor temperature is generally more useful when used to detect changes in temperature rather than for absolute temperature measurement of the space below.

Data Transfer

How often does the data transfer, and is there any way of getting it down to shorter (e.g., a couple of seconds)?

The data transfer occurs every 5 minutes. No, you cannot shorten the time.

Are the APIs exposed accessible and secure (Radio and Wired)? 

Data is received and transmitted over HTTPS. API authentication employs a hashed token linked with a single user. Refer to the User Authentication for APIs article for more information.

What are the conditions for accessing data and commands described in the APIs for call frequencies per minute/hour/days/month and for the supported data volume? 

Request call frequency should not exceed one request per 500ms. The parameter limits for a given API are documented in the description. Please refer to the APIs Documentation for more information.