IoT Infrastructure

The scalable wireless mesh network using our IoT infrastructure can manage over 18,000 sensors per building.  Sensor data is collected and transferred via a gateway either to an Enlighted Manage in the Cloud (EMC) or an on-premise version. All data is transferred to Manage in the cloud for processing and reporting.

The key physical components are depicted below:





The following is a simplified diagram showing the placement of Enlighted devices such as sensors, control units, gateways, ERC switches, and Manage on-prem servers in a multi-floor building.


For a detailed technical deployment illustration, see the

  1. Riser Diagram for Manage and
  2. Riser Diagram for Enlighted Manage in the Cloud (EMC)  

Hardware Sensors and Devices

Refer to the Hardware device Spec Sheets for technical details.



Surface Sensor Su-5i-USB Manage
Low Bay Sensors High Bay Sensors                   

Plug Load Controller PC-xx-20

Micro Sensor

High Bay


  • Enlighted Room Control (ERC)
  • Enocean

Ruggedized Sensor

Ruggedized Sensor

DALI Power Supply Unit

  • PSU-4-200
  • PSU-6-200
Gateway GW-2-01
Control Unit





Manage (EM-x-xx), EEM, EMC

The Enlighted Manage provides a secure web-based interface to monitor, control, and analyze energy savings and other data collected by the Enlighted Smart Sensor network.

Manage is determined by the number of connected devices as shown in the following table.

Spec Sheets

View or download the Manage Spec Sheets in the Spec Sheet column.

Manage                                                Product Code Min. Sensor Capacity Max. Sensor Capacity Spec Sheet                                     
Manage EM-2-02 1000 1500

English rev.12German rev.11   

Midrange Enlighted Manage EM-2-03 1000 5000 English rev.11
Enterprise Enlighted Manage (EEM) EM-03-01 5000

10,000 with BACnet

18,000 without BACnet

English rev.17

Enlighted Manage in the Cloud (EMC)   EMC-SWC-01 0 18000

English rev.09  | German rev.07  


Installing an On-prem Manage

Manage Deployment and Scalability

Refer to the Manage deployment and scalability limits to understand the multiple deployment options to match your needs.

License Types and Product Codes

Enlighted offers licenses for additional features, applications, and devices to support an organization’s business requirements. Refer to the License Types and Product Codes.

Manage Release Notes & Admin User Guide

Updated versions of the Manage/Energy Manager Admin Guide are periodically released to correspond with the new software version releases.


Enclosure for Manage and PoE Switch (ENCL-EM/FAN)

The Enlighted Enclosure with Fan is a custom-built enclosure designed to protect the On-premise Manage servers and Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches.

Download the Enclosure for Manage and PoE Switch, Spec Sheet.

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Gateway (GW-2-01)

The Enlighted Gateway is the intermediary device between Enlighted Manage and Enlighted Control network. 

Spec Sheet

View or download the Gateway, Spec Sheet: English rev.17 | German rev.16

Install Guide

Refer to the Gateway Installation Guide for installing the Gateway.

The Gateway product, GW-2-01 is not to be mounted outdoors. The Gateway device must be installed indoors. Please note the Gateway is rated for 0 - 50°C. A watertight enclosure does little to ensure the Gateway operates within the stated temperature requirement.

For outdoor installations the Gateway must be mounted indoors and remote the antenna. Suppose an application is required for outdoor sensors, in that case, the Gateway should be mounted on an interior wall and via cable connected to any outdoor omni-directional antenna with a gain of up to 11dBi or less can be used.

For more information, refer to the Gateway Outdoor Antenna Selection Guidelines. Note that Enlighted does not supply the remote antenna components and that the Installation contractor needs to specify, supply and install these items as part of their Scope of Work.


Gateway Firmware 

Only Enlighted registered partners and customers have access to download and upgrade firmware images on a Gateway. Refer to the list of available Gateway Firmware Images. 

Network and Power Requirements



Weatherproof Gateway Enclosure (ENCL_GW)

Note: This product is no longer supported (EoL) by Enlighted with immediate effect, April 13, 2022. Refer to Gateway Bulletin Outdoor Enclosure for more information.

When the Enlighted Gateway (GW) is mounted in an outdoor environment, the Gateway should be installed in a weatherproof enclosure to prevent it from any external damage. Enlighted has tested and approved the use of the ATTABOX AH864C as a Gateway enclosure (ENCL_GW) and can be purchased to use with the Enlighted Gateway (GW‐2‐01).

ATTABOX – Heartland Series Enclosures

Refer to the AH864C Specs.

The Heartland (AH) 8 x 6 x 4 inches polycarbonate enclosures are for use in both interior and exterior applications. The enclosure protects the Enlighted Gateway from dust, rain, splashing water, waves, and hose directed water with superior impact and flame protection. The Gateway is rated for 32° to 122° F / 0° to 50° C and rests in the bottom of the box; drill a knock out anywhere in the box for the low voltage (LV) wire to enter the box.


Heartland Enclosure Features:

  • NEMA 4X non‐metallic enclosure 
  • Clear and opaque lids
  • Rated IP66
  • Rated Type 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 12
  • Rated F1 UV‐light
  • Rated UL94-V0 flammability
  • Easy to remove the lid
  • High-performance inserts
  • Integrated lock hasp
  • Molded-in bosses
  • Multi‐directional mounting feet
  • Latches and hinges do not penetrate the enclosure.
  • Flush‐fit side mount swing panel and DIN rail system.


Enclosure AxB C D E F G H I Back-Panel Sub-Panel
8 x 6 x 4 inches 6.25 x 4.25 8.75 6.75 9.4 5.7 8.3 5 6.3 6.75 x 4.75 7.625 x 5.625


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Switches (WS-2-00/ExRPB/EWSxB/BTT-Sx-XXX)

Enlighted offers three types of switches: Enlighted Room Control (ERC), EnOcean, and Illumra for pairing with the Enlighted sensor network to control light levels of a group of fixtures.

Spec Sheets

View or download the required Switches Spec Sheets from the following table.

Product Name Product Code Description Spec Sheet
  1. Enlighted Room Control Switch (ERC)


4-button battery operated

View Enlighted Room Control Spec Sheet: English  | German  

  1. EnOcean Switch More information on EnOcean products is available at

North America

Dual Rocker 

EDRPB-W-EO 4-button No battery View PDF
Single Rocker ESRPB-W-EO

2-button No battery

View PDF
Dual Rocker EWSDB-W-EO 4-button No battery View PDF
Single Rocker EWSSB-W-EO

2-button No battery

View PDF
  1. Illumra Room Control More information on Illumra products is available at 


Dual Rocker 

BTT-S1-AXX 4-button View PDF
Single Rocker BTT-S2-AXX


Dual Rocker BTT-S1-EXX 4-button View PDF
Single Rocker BTT-S2-EXX



Installation Guides

For installing the ERC or EnOcean or Illumra switch, refer to the Install Guides.

Configuration Guides

For adding the switch to the Enlighted sensor network, configuring the switch to control a group of fixtures, and testing the switch functionality, refer to the following articles:

If a switch is defective or not functioning,


Control Units (CU-4)

The Enlighted Fixture Mount Control Unit (CU) interfaces with Enlighted sensors and ballast or LED driver to intelligently control light behavior.

Control Units Spec Sheets

  1. Fixture Mount Control Unit for 0-10V drivers: CU-4E-FMH

    Control Unit (CU-4E-FMH) Spec Sheet Rev.09 The CU is mounted inside an enclosure. 
  2. Nipple Mount External/Internal Control Unit (North America only)

    Control Unit (CU-4E-NME/NMI) Spec Sheet Rev.07. Intended for field installations, mounted on the side in the junction box using the nipple, or mounted outside of the fixture. Two versions are available, NME (Nipple mount external), where the sensor is external to the fixture, NMI (Nipple mount internal). the sensor is mounted internal to the fixture. 

  3. Fixture Mount Control Unit for DALI drivers (Europe only): CU-4D-FM

In support of our traditional 8-pin sensors and enabling hardware energy metering of traditional DALI drivers, the Fixture Mount Control Unit for DALI drivers is available ONLY in the EU countries accepting the CE mark.  Please note that the  Control Unit for DALI incorporates the DALI PSU, so there is no need to procure a separate PSU.  The Control Unit for DALI does NOT support Tunable White (DT8) or Emergency Lighting (DT1) functions, but it has the ability to meter energy. 

Control Unit  (CU-4D-FM) Spec Sheet Rev.07 | Control Unit (CU-4D-FM) German Spec Sheet.

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1. Refer to the corresponding Installation Guide:

2. Drivers:

3. Other reference articles for CUs:

4. FAQs


DALI Power Supply Unit (PSU-4-200/PSU-6-200)

The DALI Power Supply Units (DALI PSU-4-200, PSU-6-200) are provided by the third-party provider Shenzhen Lighting Control.

For applications that utilize traditional DALI drivers that do not have an integrated PSU, an external PSU can be added. While there are many manufacturers of quality PSUs worldwide, Enlighted offers the following DALI PSUs. 

View or download the DALI Power Supply Unit Spec Sheets.

  1. DALI PSU-4-200 Fixture Mount: English 
  2. DALI PSU-6-200 Nipple Mount: English 

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Connected Lighting and IoT Sensor Tiers


The Enlighted sensors may be purchased with different levels of functionality. Select the best solution to meet your needs while ensuring a powerful IoT upgrade path in the future. 

We offer a two-tier option of sensors.

1. Connected Lighting (CL)  

The Enlighted Connected Lighting (CL) tier provides networked lighting functionality with enterprise-wide scheduling and reporting as well as supports BMS integration via BACnet.  Automated demand response settings adjust energy use at times of peak demand, and the system provides detailed energy savings data by time of day, and location. This includes lighting energy use and performance, BACnet access, and Energy and environmental APIs. 

2. IoT Lighting

The Enlighted IoT license tier enables users to realize the full value of data services and IoT functionality via Enlighted's applications and advanced occupancy data and Location Intelligence services and APIs.

Upgrade Sensor Hardware from CL to IoT (SU-CL-IoT)

If not enabled at the time of purchase, the sensor capability can subsequently be enabled ‘over-the-air’ for an installed sensor by purchasing the SU-CL-IoT-UPG upgrade option.

It is possible to upgrade the system from Connected Lighting to IoT, but only one type (CL or IoT) of sensor can be active at any given time on Manage.

Capabilities Connected Lighting IoT 
Motion and Switch Groups Image result for check mark Image result for check mark
Daylight Harvesting Image result for check mark Image result for check mark
Scheduled Lighting Image result for check mark Image result for check mark
Energy Reporting & Organization Image result for check mark Image result for check mark
Overrides & Automated Demand Response Image result for check mark Image result for check mark
Environment Data & Lighting Controls API Image result for check mark Image result for check mark
Building Management System Integration Image result for check mark Image result for check mark
IoT Applications: Location Intelligence      Image result for check mark
Location & Occupancy APIs & Beaconing   Image result for check mark
Future Apps and API Ready   Image result for check mark


Manage Licenses

In addition, Enlighted Manage offers licenses for additional features, applications, to support an organization’s business requirements. Customers must purchase and install software licenses when using this advanced functionality to remain in compliance.

The following types of licenses are available for purchase from Enlighted. Refer to each type of license for further details.

Sensor License 

Sensor Licenses are required to enable BLE on Enlighted's sensors and enable communication between the Enlighted Manage and commissioned sensors for streaming data and advanced occupancy and location APIs. All Gen 5 or newer sensors commissioned to Manage must be enabled with the appropriate Connected Lighting to IoT License (EM-CL2IoT-SU).

BACnet License  

The BACnet license is applicable and available only for on-premises Manage servers. The BACnet interface provides seamless integration for communication between the Enlighted lighting network and Building Management Systems (BMS). BACnet enables lighting control and monitoring via the BMS.

API License

Enlighted provides two distinct API product families: Energy and Environment APIs and Occupancy APIs. The Energy and Environment APIs support energy reporting and lighting control use cases, and Occupancy APIs support various real-time space management, space utilization, and security use cases.

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See Request License for purchasing additional licenses. Refer to the article License Management for an overview of how licenses are managed. 


Cables (CBL-xx-xx-xx)

Enlighted cables provide hard-wired connections between the Enlighted Gen 5 sensors and Control Units (CU-4) or Profile 0 drivers for reliable performance. 

View or download the Cables, Spec Sheet: English Rev.08 | German Rev.08

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Gigabit Smart Managed PoE Switch (SW-POE-8-8-NAS-1)

The Gigabit Smart Managed Switch (DGS-1210-10MP), sourced from D-Link, can be used with the Enlighted Gateways, and it provides data switching power for the Enlighted IoT network.

Refer to the D-Link website for details; Product Code: SW-POE-8-8-NAS-1

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  • What is different with the D-Link PoE switch than the previous switches?

    The D-Link PoE switch is larger than the previous switches and can support higher PoE wattage devices (PoE Budget of 130 Watts), such as People Counting sensors.
  • Is there any Registration or special programming required to use this switch?

    The D-Link switch is an Out-of-the-Box switch that does not require any Registration or manual setup.
  • The switch has two SFP ports available. Can those ports be used?

    Enlighted supports using the managed ports numbered 1 through 8 only.  Ports 9 & 10 (SFP Ports) should not be used, and the plugs in those ports should not be removed. Daisey Chaining multiple switches through the managed ports is allowed.  Daisey Chaining through the SFP ports is not supported by Enlighted.
  • What are the options for mounting this switch?

    The images show the Rack Mount and Wall Mount options using the mounting bracket that comes with the switch. Also, install rubber pads if the PoE switch is going to be placed on a Desk or flat surface.


    PoE Switch Rack Mounted                                              PoE Switch Wall Mounted
    PoE_Switch_Rack_Mount_option.jpg    PoE_Switch_Wall_Mount_option.jpg  

Download the Product Spec Sheet:

Plug Load Controller (PC‐xx‐20)

The Enlighted Plug Load Controller (PLC) transforms receptacles in 20A circuits to controlled and metered smart receptacles for energy-efficient and code-compliant plug load control.

Spec Sheets

View or download the required Spec sheet:

Best Practices:

  • PLCs are installed near the outlet or load they control, and they must be wired properly to the outlet.
  • Place the PLC in the electrical closet or near an electrical panel for easy access and visibility.
  • Plug Load Controller should be installed within the gateway's wireless range and close to any sensor of the group they belong to.
  • PLCs need to hear from only one sensor and do not need to hear from all sensors in the group.
  • The controlling sensor should belong to the same motion group to which the Gateway is assigned. Make sure the sensor is placed near the closet.
  • For floor outlets, the PLC must not be buried in the floor.

Quick Links for Install Guides, Line Diagram, and FAQs:


Contact Closure

The Contact Closure, sourced from Barix and certified by Enlighted, integrates the Enlighted Lighting network with other equipment throughout the building.

View or download the Contact Closure, Spec Sheet: English rev.09 

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