What is Comfy?

Enlighted offers Comfy as part of a comprehensive solution to drive flexible work adoption and increase employee satisfaction, while providing space utilization data needed for portfolio planning.

Comfy mobile app

Our intuitive mobile app provides employees with the tools they need to manage hybrid work life. Empowered with a rich set of interactive functions and collaboration tools, employees use the app to quickly learn when and where they can meet coworkers in the office.

  • See coworkers’ in-office preferences for hybrid scheduling
  • Quickly find coworkers and book a desk/space nearby
  • Easily find available locations for room and desk booking
  • Book desks and check in for coworkers
  • Book rooms and invite coworkers
  • Find open collaboration spaces
  • On-demand control to warm/cool a space and adjust lighting or shading*
  • Locate corporate amenities, such as parking, cafeteria menus, and smart lockers*
  • Easily submit location-based work or cleaning requests*

*if available at your organization

Administration Console

Our centralized console facilitates configuration of portfolios, buildings, floors, rooms, desks, and corporate amenities. Admin users can also self-service user group and access group administration, reservations and bookings, and employee communications.

  • Designed to help group administers to organization neighborhoods and schedules
  • Integrations with standard facilities systems for ticketing, BMS and HVAC controls
  • Built mobile first for a real consumer experience
  • Easy for employees to find colleagues and organize group work in the office
  • Deep insights around employee behaviors and preferences

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Comfy Data Privacy

The Comfy Data Privacy document covers handling of personal data (PII) within the Comfy mobile application for desktop and Android or iOS devices.

If you have any questions about the contents of the Comfy Data Privacy document, please contact Support.