How to sign in to Comfy



  1. To access the app from your mobile device, download the app.
  2. Once installed, follow the prompts to sign in. 
    mceclip0.png Steps will vary, depending on your organization's permission/authorization process.


To sign in on your desktop, go to the appropriate URL.

  • North America hosted:
  • EU hosted:
  • Siemens users:


Enable push notifications

To ensure that you will receive warning notifications on your smartphone, check your preferences.

  1. Click the menu icon, then select Your Preferences.


  2. On the Your Preferences screen, make sure the Push Notification option is on.


Set preferred in-office work days

For organizations that have enabled Preferred In-office Days, app users can set their preferred in-office work days so coworkers can see when they are likely to be in the office and plan accordingly.

  1. Go to > Home screen > menu icon > Your Preferences
  2. Select each day of the week you prefer to work in the office. By default, all days are unselected and will turn dark green when selected.
  3. Click Save workspace preferences. Now coworkers will see your preferred in-office work days in a Coworker search.

Example: Set preferred workdays.




Occupancy and Auto-release

Occupancy sensors

In facilities that have occupancy sensors installed at individual desks, the app provides real-time information on whether someone is or is not currently occupying the desk. The system also tracks if someone was there recently, just in case the occupant is only taking a break and will be coming back.

  • Occupancy sensors complement the standard booking and reservation options that your organization has set up. 
  • When you are looking at a floor map, the colored squares indicate the desks that can be booked. In an office with occupancy sensors, some of the squares will appear yellow or gray, indicating someone is there or was there recently. 


Color coding and availability

Availability is represented by a color-coded circle or square on the map.
Room = circle / Desk = square

colorgreenpng.png Available – nobody is currently occupying the room or desk, and it is not reserved for the day. It is available for booking or immediate use.
Room = green circle
Desk = green square
colorpurple.png In use / Booked by me – the room or desk you booked for the day
Room = purple circle
Desk = purple square
colordarkgray.png In use – someone else is currently sitting in the room or at the desk or they have it reserved.
Room = dark gray circle
Desk = dark gray square
colorlightgray.png Unknown  – the occupancy status is unknown; you may need to contact the Comfy administrator at your location.
Room = light gray circle
Desk = light gray square
coloryellowpng.png Recently in use – Though currently unoccupied, this indicates that someone was recently using the room or desk. They may have stepped out for a break, lunch, or a meeting, but still have their reservation for the day.
Room = yellow circle
Desk = yellow square
colorclear.png Unavailable – the room or desk is not available for booking.
Room = clear circle
Desk = clear square


Auto-release – Rooms and Desks

The auto-release feature is meant to help make sure unused spaces are available to others. 
If enabled by your organization, auto-release automatically cancels a room or desk reservation if the location sensor does not detect an occupant during a booked time period. 

  • Location sensors help the app keep tabs on the occupancy of desks and rooms. When a reservation starts, the system detects when someone arrives. If the sensors think someone is there, they will show the space as occupied. 


If a reservation time has started and no one is detected, a warning message is sent to the employee who made the reservation.

  • With room reservations, the warning is sent by email
  • If the employee has the app notifications turned on, the warning is sent to their device.
  • With desk reservations, the warning will be sent by email only.


After the warning time is passed, the app continues to check and see if anyone is there. 

  • If no one is detected and the auto-release time is reached, the reservation is canceled.
  • This means that space will be available for immediate use by someone else and appears “Available” in calendars.


Release Timing - Rooms versus Desks 

The release time for rooms is different from that of desks.

  • A room reservation is usually short, 30 minutes or an hour. To help make a room available quickly, the warning time could be 10 minutes from the start of the reservation, and then the auto-release time could be 15 minutes from the start of the reservation.
  • Desk reservations are for an entire day and employees may have different arrival times, so more time could be given for employees to initially get to their desks in the morning. The warning time could be one hour from the start of the workday, and the auto-release time could be two hours from the start of the workday.

Note that these time limits are set by your organization’s app administrator and may vary for your company.

How to contact Support

You can contact the Support Team at any time to ask general questions or to get help with any feature that is implemented in your building and supported by the app.

There are two ways to contact us:

  1. You can send an email to


  1. You can contact us via the app menu on your mobile device or desktop. 
    • In the app, go to the menu icon.
    • Select Contact Support.
    • Enter the details of your issue or request and SEND.

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