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This article applies to Manage v4.5. Toggle the New User Experience button to view the new Manage UI. If you do not see the toggle button to switch between the New UI and Classic UI, please contact Enlighted Support to enable the toggle button in your Manage application. 


When fixtures in a room are configured as a Motion Group, the occupancy detection is communicated to  all fixtures when an occupant enters the room. The fixtures will react and adjust their light levels according to their configuration in their profile. This article explains how to create a Motion Group. To edit or delete a Motion Group, see Rename, Edit and Delete Groups.

Note: Since all fixtures and Plugload Controllers in a group must be bound to the same Gateway (GW), fixtures from other floors cannot be supported.

Creating a Motion Group

To create a Motion Group,

  1. Click Facilities in the left navigation pane and select a floor.
  2. Click on the Groups tab. The Switch, Motion, and Daylight Groups list is displayed in the right pane. In addition, the floor map shows Switch, Motion, and Daylight groups identified and grouped by color on the floor map.


  1. Select the Gateway associated with the devices. There are two ways to select a Gateway:
    • If you know the Gateway name, use the Gateway filter GW_Filter.pngicon to select a Gateway from the dropdown list, and click Apply to view the devices belonging to the Gateway.
    • If you do not know the Gateway name, right-click on the Gateway in the floor map and select Filter Using this Gateway to view the devices belonging to the selected Gateway.


  1. Select the Motion Group check box.

Select Devices

  1. Hold the Ctrl key, click and drag a rectangle to select all devices in the area, or hold the Ctrl key and individually select the devices to be grouped. A single sensor can be associated with up to five groups. Select as many sensors as needed, as there is no maximum limit. 
  2. Release the Ctrl key to create the switch group with the selected devices. If you are an iOS user, use the cmd key instead of the Ctrl key.


The newly added Group is added and identified with a '+' symbol preceding the system-generated Motion Group name in the right pane.

Choose Role

  1. Click on the new Motion Group. The list of sensors assigned to this group is displayed in the right-most pane. Select a role for each sensor.
    • Act only – the fixture “acts” on reports of motion received from other members of the Fixtures will do (act) whatever is configured in the profile to do when motion is sensed in the group.
    • Report only – the fixture only “reports” or informs all fixtures in the group that it has sensed action.
    • Both – the fixture acts and reports to the members of the group.

Plugload Controllers (PLCs) are Act only devices that act based on reports received from fixtures. Note that the Plugload Controllers can belong to multiple Motion Groups, or multiple PLCs can be in the same Motion Group.


Save Motion Group

  1. Click Save to save the Motion Group.

TIP: If you prefer not to save the newly added Motion Group, refresh the page. Refreshing the page does not save the new Group. After creating a Motion Group, it will take two or three minutes for the fixtures to be updated. If a fixture is powered off or rebooting after an image upgrade, the fixtures cannot be updated until they operate normally.

To add a new device after saving the group you need to edit the Motion group. Refer Rename, Edit and Delete Groups.

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