Groups Overview v4.5

Users can easily and quickly set up an Enlighted lighting system using the Groups feature to program Switch, Motion, and Daylight Groups in Manage v4.5 or above. A Group can be any of the following:

  • Switch Group - Controls a group of sensors to turn on or off the lights with a switch. Devices in a Switch Group include Sensors, Plugload Controllers (PLCs), and Switches.
  • Motion Group - When sensors in a room are configured as a  Motion Group, the occupancy detection is communicated to all fixtures when an occupant enters the room. The fixtures will react and adjust their light levels according to their configuration in their profile.  
  • Daylight Group - Daylight Groups provide a consistent dim level across a group of fixtures for improved aesthetics. The lights are dimmed or brightened to achieve a uniform group light level in response to daylight fluctuations. Daylight Groups aim to find the right balance between aesthetics, occupant comfort, and energy efficiency. Read the Recommended Preliminary Steps for Creating a Daylight Group for additional information. The Daylight group includes only sensors.

    Group Types

    • A Switch Group will consist of Sensors, Gateways, PLCs, and Switches.

    • A Motion Group will include Sensors, Gateways, and PLCs.  

    • A Daylight Group will consist of only Sensors and Gateways.

    After a user has selected the devices for creating a Motion, Switch, or Daylight Group, the Manage app will automatically include or exclude devices based on the Group Type. For example, Switches will be added to a Switch Group, and excluded from the Motion Group.

Things to know before creating a Group

When creating a group such as a Switch, Motion, or Daylight Group,

  • There is no maximum limit on the number of sensors when creating a group.
  • A single sensor can be associated with up to five groups when creating Switch or Motion Groups.
  • When a Group is created on the chosen floor, it cannot be moved to another floor.
  • The system automatically generates Group Names when the user saves them. Users can rename the Group Names later.
  • The colored device Groups on the floor map are a quick visual indication of the interrelated items—such as sensors, PLCs, and Switches—so that you can quickly track the devices belonging to a Group.
  • The sensor firmware must be 5.1v and above when creating Daylight Groups.
  • The Information (i) icon legend describes the device icons on the floor map.


  • Sensors that are already part of a Daylight Group cannot be added to another Daylight Group. 
  • A switch can only be associated with one Switch Group. If a switch is already associated with group A and you wish to add it to group B, you should first remove it from group A before adding it to group B.

To create a single Switch, Motion, or Daylight Group, refer to the 

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