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Automated Window Shading Systems (Smart Shades) are motorized blinds or Electronic Glass tinting systems that adjust and ensure a preset amount of exterior light from the windows allowed into a room or space. The electric light levels in the room or space do not change rapidly to adjust for this change in the exterior light. With the release of the Smart Shade feature in Manage v4.6 and above, the Enlighted sensors can quickly and smoothly change the fixture light levels in response to the rapid changes in ambient light levels when these Smart Shades systems operate. The Smart Shade feature is agnostic to the type of Window Shading system being used.

Smart shades are motorized, remote-controllable blinds that roll up and down, adjusting and ensuring the right amount of light in the room. With the release of Manage v4.6 and above, Enlighted sensors can quickly and smoothly change the light level in response to the rapid ambient light level changes when Smart Shades are closed or opened.

The Daylight Groups work well for slow changes (typically 150 seconds) in natural daylight over the day and are unsuitable for rapid ambient light level changes. However, by checking the Enable Fast ALS (Ambient Light Sensor) checkbox in a Daylight Group, the group can be converted to a Smart Shade Group. The Enable Fast ALS parameter controls how quickly (typically 20 seconds) the Enlighted sensors respond to the changes in the light levels when Smart Shades are opened or closed.


Please make sure that the following requirements are met.

  • Manage 4.6 and above. Contact Enlighted Customer Support to upgrade the Manage application to version 4.6 if you are running an older version.
  • Sensor Firmware version 5.14 or above
  • This feature works for Manage 4.6 only when the new UI is enabled. Use the toggle button on the top to switch to the Manage 4.6 new UI. See how to enable the new UI.
  • Read the Recommended Preliminary Steps for Creating a Daylight Group.

To enable the Smart Shade option:

  1. Click Facilities in the left navigation panel and select a floor.
  2. Click on Groups. The Switch, Motion, and Daylight Groups list is displayed in the right pane. In addition, the floor map shows Switch, Motion, and Daylight groups identified and grouped by color on the floor map.
  3. Select the Gateway associated with the devices. There are two ways to select a Gateway: 
      • If you know the Gateway name, use the Gateway filter mceclip0.pngicon to select a Gateway from the dropdown list, and click Apply to see the list of devices belonging to the Gateway.
      • If you do not know the Gateway name, right-click on the Gateway in the floor map and select Filter Using this Gateway to view the devices belonging to the selected Gateway.
  4. Select the Daylight Group option. The parameters corresponding to the Daylight Group are highlighted. 


  1. Choose the appropriate parameter values for the Daylight group. Refer to the Create Daylight Group for a description of the parameters. 
  2. Click on the Three ellipsis dots and select the Enable Fast ALS checkbox. The ALS Fast Response parameter controls how quickly the Enlighted sensors respond to changes in the light levels when Smart Shades are opened or closed.


  1. Hold the Ctrl key, click and drag a rectangle to select the required devices from the floor map, or hold the Ctrl key and individually choose the devices to be grouped. You can select as many devices as required, without a maximum limit. 
  2. Release the Ctrl key to create the Daylight group with the selected devices. If you are an iOS user, use the cmd key instead of the Ctrl key.
  3. Click Save.
    Tip: To differentiate Daylight groups from Smart Shade groups, save Smart Shade group names with a different naming policy for easier identification. For example, Shade_ConfRm.

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