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Users can easily and quickly set up an Enlighted lighting system using the Groups feature to program Switch, Motion, and Daylight groups in Manage v4.5 or above. This articles describes viewing Groups for an organization, building, and floor, and viewing list of devices in a Group.


The top-most item of a facility tree is an organization, which can contain one or more campuses. Each campus may comprise one or more buildings, with each building consisting of one or more floors. A floor may have a floor plan image associated with it, showing the location of all devices such as sensors, Gateways, Switches, Plug Load Controllers (PLCs) on the floor plan.   

Viewing Groups for an Organization or Building

All the devices in the Enlighted Lighting System are grouped under Switch, Motion, and Daylight Groups. Users can view the list of Switch, Motion, or Daylight Groups for an organization or building.

To view the Switch, Motion, or Daylight Groups for an organization or building, 

  1. Click Facilities in the left navigation pane and select an Organization or a Building.
  2. Click on the Groups tab and select Switch, Motion, or Daylight to view the list of groups.

Users can search by fields from the dropdown list or type text in the Search text box. For a description of the parameters, refer to the corresponding Create a Switch, Motion, or Daylight Group.


Deleting Groups for an Organization or Building

To delete a group:

  1. Select the required group and click the Delete icon. A confirmation message 'Are you sure you want to delete this group' appears.
  2. Click Yes. The group gets deleted when no fixtures are assigned to it else, a secondary confirmation message appears stating 'There are existing fixtures associated to the group. Do you want to remove them from the group and then delete the group?'
  3. Click Yes to unassign fixtures from the group and delete it. When there is a failure in the deletion process 'Unable to remove the devices automatically' is displayed  Remove the devices from the group manually before deleting the group. Refer to Rename, Edit and Delete Groups.

Viewing Groups for a Floor

To view groups on a floor,

  1. Click Facilities in the left navigation pane and select the required floor.
  2. Click on the Grid View icon next to the  Switch. 


The list of Switch Groups for a floor is displayed.


Viewing Devices in a Group

Selecting  a Group Name displays the list of devices,  such as Sensors, Gateways, PLCs, and ERC switch details in the right-most pane as shown below.


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