Configure Scenes v4.5

This article applies to Manage upgraded to v4.5 with new UI features. Toggle the New User Experience button to switch to the new Manage UI and click the Groups tab. If you do not see the toggle button to switch between the New UI and Classic UI, please contact Enlighted Support to enable the toggle button in your Manage application.


A scene configures light levels to make the space better suited for activities. You can create new scenes to control light levels for a group of fixtures associated with the Switch Group. For example, you may want to turn off the lights directly in front of the screen in a conference room to show a presentation. The lights on the room's perimeter may be off or barely lit, and the lights directly above the viewers are set to a level bright enough to take notes. In this case, you will have to configure three custom scenes and set the order in which you want them to appear. Pressing and holding the ERC Switch Scene button will start switching between scenes.

You can create new custom scenes to control light levels for a group of fixtures or have them go ON/OFF with the following two preprogrammed scenes: 

  1. All On – Sets the light level to 100% or to the current value of "Max Light Level when on" for fixtures controlled by the switch. See Understanding Profile Basic Attributes for Max Light Level when on.
  2. All Off – Sets the light level to 0% (off) for all fixtures controlled by the switch.

The two programmed scenes cannot be edited or deleted and thus are not listed in the scene list under the Scene tab. You can create additional scenes to set the light level individually for each fixture controlled by the switch. All fixtures controlled by a switch are affected when a scene is activated. 

Configure Scene

To configure a scene for a Switch Group,

  1. Click Facilities in the left navigation pane and select a floor.
  2. Click on the Groups tab. The Switch, Motion, and Daylight Groups are displayed in the right pane. In addition, the floor map shows Switch, Motion, and Daylight groups identified and grouped by color on the floor map.
  3. Select the Switch Group in the right panel and click on the three ellipsis dots next to the Switch Group name.
  4. Click Configure scenes. The Configure Scene window appears.


  1. Click Create.
  2. Type a Scene Name for the new scene and click Create. This closes the popup, adding the new scene to the Scene dropdown list.


Setting the Fixture Light Levels for a Scene

After the scene has been created, the light level for the fixtures are saved from the profile or set to the same light level as other fixtures in the group. However, if you still need to change the light levels for the fixtures, follow the steps below.

  1. Select the scene from the Scene dropdown list.
  2. Select sensors on the floor plan that most likely have the same Light Level. You can select multiple sensors from the floorplan or the list of sensors displayed in the right pane.
  3. Adjust the light level using the Off/On slider. The Light Level for the selected fixture is updated in the Light Level column in the table as you drag the slider.
  4. Continue selecting sensors and adjusting the light levels for the scene.


Configuring Tunable White: For fixtures with sensor firmware version 5.4 or lower, skip this step if the Color Value is not displayed. If the Color Value shows up, read the Configuring Tunable White - Recommended Prerequisites to ensure that all prerequisites are met before tuning the fixtures for Tunable White.  

    • Adjust the Tunable White color value for the fixture by dragging the slider from a warm-white to cool-white temperature in the Color Value box. The color value is updated in the Color column of the fixture table. For non-tunable white sensors, the value for Color Temperature appears as NA. Refer to the article Adjusting the Color Temperature for a Sensor with Firmware Version Below 5.3.
    • Continue selecting fixtures and light levels to set color values for the scene.


Changing the Order of Scenes

The order of scenes in the scene name dropdown is the same order of the scenes on the ERC switch when the ERC's Scenes button ‘3’ is pressed. Set or change the order of the scene by clicking the scene Order - Minus or Plus symbol.  

For example, if the scene  'All_20' is set to be fourth in the order, the scene will appear when the ERC Scene button is pressed four times.


Test a Scene

After creating a scene, Test allows you to test the scene without a physical switch.

Click Test, and observe the lights to determine if the desired light level effect has been achieved until the Test scene changes to End Test. If not, then select the sensors and readjust their light levels.

Rename Scene

To rename a scene,

  1. Select the required scene from the Scene dropdown and Click Rename.
  2. Type a new Name for the selected scene. The Save button is enabled if the same name does not exist.
  3. Click Save to save the changes


Delete a Scene

To delete a scene,

  1. Select the required scene from the Scene dropdown.
  2. Click Delete. Delete Scene pop up appears displaying a confirmation message.
  3. Click OK to delete the selected scene.


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