Change the CO2 Factor Value v4.5

The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emission displayed in the Energy Consumption graph is based on the US emission factor value. Refer to the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emission article to understand the CO2 emission calculation. The CO2 factor value used in the calculation formula varies by geography. This article describes configuring the CO2 factor value applicable to your country, so that the Manage application can estimate the CO2 emission.

Prerequisite: Refer to the website of your specific region or country and note the CO2 factor value applicable to your region. Example: has information for the UK CO2 emission factor value.

To customize the CO2 factor value.

  1. Go to Administration > System Management > Edit System Configuration Value.


  1. In the Name field, type energy_consumption.co2factor.
  2. In the Value field, type the CO2 factor value for your region.  For example, 0.00068956 is the CO2 Factor value for the USA.
  3. Click Save


To view the CO2 emissions in the Energy Consumption dashboard using the newly configured CO2 factor value, toggle the New User Experience button to switch to the new Manage UI and click the Energy Consumption tab. If you do not see the toggle button to switch between the New UI and Classic UI, please contact Enlighted Support to enable the toggle button in your application.

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