Configuring Room Capacity and Notifications


Users can configure notifications to receive when certain space capacity thresholds are or are not reached. IT admins can define room capacity and, using data from sensors that support people counting, identify how many people are in a room or space. Then, a notification is sent to alert users if the room is over capacity. Users can then take real-time actions such as enabling or disabling room entrances and managing occupancy levels based on the capacity limit.

For example, if you would like to receive a notification when the Denali conference room exceeds max. capacity of 15 people, follow the procedure below.


  • A Vector-4D sensor is configured and installed in the doorway entrance to Denali's room.
  • You know the Device ID of the sensor to link the sensor for data collection. If unsure, go to the Devices tab and locate the sensor based on the Name. Write down the Name before proceeding with the steps.

Add the Space

  1. If the building already exists, click Edit Building from the Settings tab.
  2. Type the Space Name as Denali.
  3. Specify the maximum Capacity of the room. For example, 15.
  4. Select a Tag most suitable for the space. For example, as this is a conference room, select or add a conference room as a New Tag.
  5. Select the Data Source sensor from the dropdown list of configured Irisys Vector-4D sensors.
  6. Choose any duration for Historical Data.
  7. Click Submit to save. The new Space Name Denali is saved.


Add the Notification

When the threshold value reaches above 10% of the capacity limit, add a notification to send an email to the user.

  1. Navigate to Settings, select the Building from the dropdown, then click Add Notification.
  2. Select Denali for the Space Name.
  3. Set Threshold to 10%, and Trigger Above from the list.
  4. Set Notification Type email and add or select Subscribers from the dropdown.


Subscribers will receive a notification when the Denali conference room's Capacity exceeds 10% of the max Capacity for the room.

In addition, users can view the Denali conference room Capacity (maximum allowed number of people in the area), Max, Min, the Average occupancy, the Busiest time, and the Latest count from the sensor in the Dashboard Overtime widget.


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