Space 2.5.2 Release Notes


The purpose of this article is to provide detailed release notes for Space software releases starting at 2.5.2. This document is intended for Enlighted’s partners and customers.

Space 2.5.2 - Released for General Availability on 7/29/2022

New Features

Single Sign-on (SSO) with Auth0 authentication enables users to use their SSO credentials to log in to the Space App, thereby providing easy access. Users can have one login for multiple applications, including the  Space App. Single-Sign-On (SSO) with Auth0 is only available when the organization domain is registered in the Space application back end. To enable or disable SSO with Auth0, please have your System Administrator contact Enlighted Support. The user must also be added as an SSO user in the App. Refer to the article Creating a New SSO User.

Impactful Fixes

Session Timeout: Users are automatically logged out after thirty minutes of inactivity and redirected to the login page.

Security, Stability Improvement, and Bug fixes: Fixed a few security vulnerabilities, validated API authorization tokens before displaying data, and resolved building data issues in the Dashboard.

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