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To enable users to log in and control their space, Enlighted offers flexible authentication and authorization of users. This is configured per domain in consultation with the client and Enlighted Support. Users log in to SSO using one of these methods:

1. SAML Single Sign-on (SSO)

2. Azure Active Directory SSO

3. Auth0

All authentication methods require the same first step in the user's log on experience – enter their email address associated with their organization on the app or web login page. The server then looks up the user’s email suffix in the Domain Authentication table and routes them to the appropriate authentication flow for their organization. With SSO, users need to sign in only once and will not have to enter their credentials again, as they will be automatically logged in.  

Single-Sign-On (SSO) is only available when the organization domain is registered in the Space application back end. Please have your System Administrator contact Enlighted Support to enable authentication. The users must also be added as SSO users to the App. Refer to the article Creating a New SSO User.

  1. Type the URL for accessing the Space App. 
  2. If your domain is configured for SSO, enter your Username, which is your email address. If your domain is not configured for SSO, refer to the article Signing in.


  1. Click Login. You will be redirected to your SSO authenticator login page; sign in using your company username and password for the first time. On subsequent logins, you are asked only for the username. If you are not redirected to the SSO page, please contact your System Admin and confirm that SSO has been enabled for your organization.  
  2. Once you are successfully authenticated, you will be returned to the Space application. 

    Congratulations! You have successfully logged on to Space with SSO.  


SSO Login Page Does Not Appear

Contact your Enlighted System Administrator to confirm that your identity provider has been properly integrated with Space. Please contact or submit a ticket to Enlighted Support for enabling SSO.

Login Unsuccessful via SSO 

Confirm that your SSO credentials are entered correctly. If you are still unable to log in, please contact your Identity Provider administrator or submit a ticket to Enlighted Support for enabling SSO.



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