Troubleshooting Power Cycle for Hung Gateway

Problem: Troubleshooting power cycle for a hung Gateway.

Cause: Gateways remains unresponsive in Manage, even after a soft reboot.

Solutions: Power cycle the impacted Gateways.

The below-given scenarios and their resolutions eliminate the need to locate above-ceiling Gateways. This resolution reduces the impact on customer IT and facilities staff.

Scenario 1:   If POE switches are customer-maintained and can be remotely controlled:

  • Confirm with the customer IT if their network switches can remotely power-cycle individual ports. This is a feature on certain high-end enterprise equipment. This remote power cycling allows the customer to effectively “unplug” the Gateway without having to dispatch staff to the physical Gateway location.
  • Customer IT departments should have a directory of port assignments across all network switches. A sample directory is shown below. Each row represents an individual Gateway. The Port Details column represents the specific switch port used for a particular Gateway. Each customer will have a unique notation. The GW Location column represents the room location where the Gateway is nearest to.


Once the specific network port is determined, customer IT can power-cycle the port for 30 seconds.

Scenario 2: If POE switches are customer-maintained and cannot be remotely controlled:

  • Follow a similar procedure to determine which port the hung Gateway terminates to.
  • Customer must dispatch someone to IDF/server room to physically unplug the Gateway & power cycle.

Scenario 3: If POE switches are supplied by Enlighted:

  • Customer can dispatch staff to where the POE switch is located. This information should be available on-site as-built documentation. The POE switches provided by Enlighted are usually installed in IDF rooms or electrical closets. Typically, the electrical contractor is responsible for installing these POE switches.
  • Once the POE switch is located, the customer can power cycle the entire switch. This will power cycle all connected Gateways.



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