Sensor Installation in Open or Exposed Ceilings Guidelines

This section explains the guidelines for installing sensors in an open ceiling, including the types of carriers to use and where to place the sensors.

  • Open Ceiling areas often contain light fixtures, HVAC ductwork or cable trays, and other devices close to each other. The Enlighted sensor relies on Wireless (RF) communication to the Gateways and other sensors to operate correctly. Therefore, the sensor must have an unobstructed line of sight to the Gateway antenna and other sensors in the same motion or switch group. Any concrete structure or metal obstructions, such as ductwork or cable trays, will block the RF communication of the sensor or Gateway. The sensor RF antennas are located behind the sensor lens, and the sensors installed in a metal light fixture must allow the lens to be exposed below the fixture housing. Provided that the light fixtures are installed below any of the above obstructions, Enlighted’s guidance is that sensor lens should be installed at or below the horizontal plane of the light fixtures.
  • Remote sensors (those not installed in light fixtures) can be installed in many ways in an open ceiling situation. The Microsensor has been installed in junction boxes or at the end of the EMT Conduit using the Hard Ceiling Mount carrier (HCMC). For best results, use a ¾” EMT connector with the HCMC to securely mount the sensor at the end of the connector. The example below shows a ½” to ¾” EMT connector with the sensor cable running inside the ½” EMT.
  • Avoid mounting sensors within 4 ft of HVAC diffusers or air vents.
  • The Microsensors are designed for a mounting height of 8 - 15 feet (2.6 - 4.6m), and the Ruggedized Highbay or Highbay sensors are for higher mounting heights, up to 40 feet (12m). Mounting above or below the range listed may affect the coverage pattern and performance of the sensor.
  • For spaces with vertical obstructions, such as file cabinets or cubicle partitions, additional ceiling-mounted sensors may be needed to provide sensor coverage in those areas.

Enlighted offers the following options to mount sensors in Open Ceiling areas.

  1. Hard Ceiling Mount Carrier
  2. SU-5E Mounting Case
  3. Highbay Mounting Bracket

Hard Ceiling Mount Carrier

The Hard Ceiling Mount Carrier (HCMC) is a flexible mounting solution that provides a sleave around the sensor so that it can be installed in a hard ceiling or a light fixture diffuser, or an electrical conduit or enclosure. The following sensors can be installed with the HCMC;

HCMC.jpg    Mount_Ceiling_Case.jpg

The following are some examples of Open ceiling mounting sensors.

J-box dropped from an open ceiling                                                       Sensor mount case in Slats

J-box_dropped_from_an_open_ceiling.jpg       MVIMG_20181220_070915.jpg

SU-5E Mounting Case

The Enlighted Mounting Case (CASE-SU-5E) provides a flexible solution for mounting the SU-5E Micro Sensor on various surfaces either attached directly to or separate from a lighting fixture. With this case, installation is easy; the case securely supports the sensor and routes the sensor cable through the back or side of the case. After the bracket is mounted, the case can be easily rotated to adjust the sensor’s field of view with the lens facing the floor.

SU-5E_In_Case_Reduced.png                Mounting_Case.jpg                  2-wire Highbay Sensor Adjustable Mounting Bracket

The Enlighted Adjustable Mounting Bracket provides a flexible solution for mounting a High Bay sensor (SU-5S-H) to a Highbay, pendant, or industrial fixture.


Other Mounting Examples

Gateway in Exposed Ceiling

MVIMG_20200127_111314.jpg      MVIMG_20200127_111521.jpg


MVIMG_20200127_101337.jpg    MVIMG_20200127_101400.jpg


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