Low Bay Ruggedized Micro Sensor, 8-pin, (SU-5E-LR)

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The Low Bay Ruggedized Micro Sensor, 8-pin, is designed for outdoor applications, parking structures, and damp or wet locations that require a sensor with an IP65 rating. The sensor can be easily mounted into lighting fixtures or standard 1/2" EMT threaded couplers and fittings such that only the discreet faceplate is visible. The sensor threads into an industry standard ½"-13 threaded mounting hole. 

The following sections describe installing the Low Bay Ruggedized Micro sensor, 8-pin, in a fixture or sheet.

Installation Procedure

Shipped Components

  • Low Bay Ruggedized Micro Sensor (SU-5E-LR)

Supplemental Components

  • Enlighted Sensor Cable
  • Enlighted Control Unit

Tools you will Need

  • Locknut (Optional)
  • Flat blade screwdriver

Caution: Installation and maintenance must be performed by a qualified electrician in accordance with local, state, and national electrical codes (NEC) and requirements.

Caution_logo.png DO NOT use an HCMC to mount the sensor to a ceiling tile. The sensor needs to be secured with

 a locknut. 

Caution_logo.png DO NOT mount the sensor if the mounting accessory has the following defects:

  • The knockout hole has a ridge inside that prevents the sensor from going all the way


  • The mounting accessory faceplate does not have a large flat surface area for the sensor to fit snugly mounted.


  • The sensor lens protrudes out and does not fit securely into the knockout hole.
  • A gap exists between the washer and the surface of the mounting accessory.


Caution_logo.png WARNING: When the sensors are installed incorrectly, it can cause water leakage, electrical shock,

  and the unit to fail.

Before proceeding with the sensor installation, make sure to de-energize the luminaire.

Note: The black bezel will be attached with the O-ring in place when you receive it. When using the white bezel, make sure that the O-ring is in place under the bezel.

Fixture Mount Sensor Installation

Step 1: Identify an outdoor fixture that has an industry-standard ½” (12.7 mm) -13 threaded mounting hole to which the sensor is to be mounted.


Step 2: Insert the sensor through the mounting hole and thread the sensor until the washer makes contact with the fixture surface.

Step 3: Continue to tighten the sensor with a ¼ turn to make sure that the sensor fits in snugly to prevent water leakage.


Sheet Metal Sensor Installation

Note: For sheet metal mounting, the ½” Lock nut must be ordered separately.

Step 1: Drill a 7/8" (22mm) knock-out hole in the sheet metal.

Step 2: Insert the sensor through the knock-out hole with the lens facing down.

Step 3: Thread the locknut tightly from behind the sheet metal to secure the sensor to prevent water leakage.


Connecting the Sensor Cable to the Control Unit

Step 1: Connect one end of the sensor cable to the Control Unit (CU). For wiring connections from the Control Unit to the sensor, refer to the Control Unit Installation Guide.

Step 2: Energize the luminaire and confirm that the green LED is on solid.

LED Description

LED Status Description/Solution
LED not on The sensor is not powered on.Check power andwiring.
Blinking Green The commissioned sensor has powered up and has detected motion. If there is no motion in the sensor’s field of view, the blinking will stop. Wave your hands below the sensor to restart LED blinking.
Solid Green The uncommissioned sensor has powered up successfully and completed the wiring test with no unexpected conditions – waiting for discovery.
Blinking Red The uncommissioned sensor has powered up and completed the wiring test with one or more conditions unexpected of a typical LED fixture – waiting for discovery.
Solid Red Faulty sensor – replace the sensor.
Solid Blue The Sensor received a request to identify itself.
Blinking Blue  The uncommissioned sensor powered up successfully, but the sensor is unable to detect an energy measurement device (CU or Driver), waiting for discovery.
Interrupted Green Un-commissioned fixtureless sensors.

Product Compliance:


Model No: SU-5E-LR
Product Code: SU-5e-xxx
IC: 10138A-SU5E

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