Power Value Table - PVT

Download the PVT.csv file. The PVT.csv template file has rows for the light dimming levels (0-100%) in 5% increments. Given below is a sample template file. To fill in the numbers in this template, follow the procedure described below: 

  1. Attach the Enlighted sensor to the OEM's fixture connected to an AC power meter. The meter will provide the wattage reading for the fixture.  
  2. Make sure that the sensor is commissioned; otherwise, refer to the article commission the sensor in Manage.
  3. Double click on the sensor and open the Fixture Details screen.


  1. Set the slider to 100% and note the meter reading. Enter the value for 100% light level in Row 28, Column B in the template.


  1. Drag the slider to set the dimming level in 5% increments, and note the power meter reading for every 5% increment.
  2. Fill in the rows from 8 through 28.


  1. Fill in the information for rows 1 through 6. If you are unsure of the information, verify the Fixture Details screen, and fill in the information in the template.


  1. For column C 'Include', leave the '1's in the table. The values in this column inform Manage not to skip reading the power value.


  1. In addition, leave the extra '1' at the end of the table in column D, as it indicates the end of the table.


  1. After filling in the attached file, upload the .csv file to Manage. Refer to the article Set up Soft Metering.

The following is a sample screen of the PVT table.



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