Gigabit Smart Managed PoE Switch (SW-POE-8-8-NAS-1)

The Gigabit Smart Managed Switch (DGS-1210-10MP), sourced from D-Link, can be used with the Enlighted Gateways, and it provides data switching power for the Enlighted IoT network.

Refer to the D-Link website for details; Product Code: SW-POE-8-8-NAS-1

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  • What is different with the D-Link PoE switch than the previous switches?

    The D-Link PoE switch is larger than the previous switches and can support higher PoE wattage devices (PoE Budget of 130 Watts), such as People Counting sensors.
  • Is there any Registration or special programming required to use this switch?

    The D-Link switch is an Out-of-the-Box switch that does not require any Registration or manual setup.
  • The switch has two SFP ports available. Can those ports be used?

    Enlighted supports using the managed ports numbered 1 through 8 only.  Ports 9 & 10 (SFP Ports) should not be used, and the plugs in those ports should not be removed. Daisey Chaining multiple switches through the managed ports is allowed.  Daisey Chaining through the SFP ports is not supported by Enlighted.
  • What are the options for mounting this switch?

    The images show the Rack Mount and Wall Mount options using the mounting bracket that comes with the switch. Also, install rubber pads if the PoE switch is going to be placed on a Desk or flat surface.


    PoE Switch Rack Mounted                                              PoE Switch Wall Mounted
    PoE_Switch_Rack_Mount_option.jpg    PoE_Switch_Wall_Mount_option.jpg  

Download the Product Spec Sheet:

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