Nipple Mount (DALI PSU-6)

Download the DALI PSU6 Installation instructions.

Enlighted offers the following two external DALI Bus Power Supply (DALI PSU) units.

  1. Nipple Mount DALI Power Supply Unit (DALI PSU-6).
  2. Surface Mount DALI Power Supply Unit (DALI PSU-4). Refer to the DALI PSU-4 Install Guide.

DALI Bus Power Supply (DALI PSU-6) 



Shipped Components

  • Nipple Mount External DALI Bus Power Supply Unit

Items you will Need

  • Mounting screws or clips
  • Wire stripper
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers


A qualified electrician must perform installation and maintenance per state, local, and National Electrical Codes (NEC) and requirements.


The DALI PSU-6 can be mounted either to a junction box or to a fixture.

Note: In some cities, such as in Chicago, the nipple-mounted DALI PSU must be installed inside a metal enclosure, such as a 4-inch x 4-inch junction box. Refer to the section DALI PSU-6 Inside of a J-Box.

Step 1: Switch off the circuit breaker supplying power to the power supply box or the luminaire.

Step 2: Loosen the two screws on the junction box's cover plate and slide out the cover plate. Remove a ½" knockout on the J-box.


Step 3: Route the wires from the DALI PSU-6 through the knockout hole and pull the wires into the box.


Step 4: When routing the wires through the knockout, route the cables through the locknut and thread the locknut inside of the J-box to tighten it.

Step 5: Connect the two groups of wires, high voltage, and low voltage wires, according to the code requirements. Refer to the corresponding section: Wiring the High Voltage Wires, and Wiring the Low Voltage Wires.


DALI PSU-6 Inside of a J-Box

Step 1: To mount the PSU-6 inside a 4-inch x 4-inch J-box, mount it with the mounting nipple protruding into the adjoining J-box, as shown. Use the lock nut on the PSU nipple to secure both J-boxes together. Route the wires in the adjacent J-box as per the instructions below.


Wiring the High Voltage Wires

Step 1: Connect the DALI PSU power input wires to the branch circuit feed (black=Line, white=Neutral) using wire nuts. Make the connections in the J-box per code.

Wiring the Low Voltage Wires

Note: Per NEC and local code compliance, DO NOT connect the low voltage wires in the same J-box as the high voltage wires. The low voltage wires are enclosed in a 600V rated sleeve sufficiently long to pass through the high voltage J-Box, eliminating the need for further separation or barrier. Use a bush or clamp in the knockout where the low voltage wires exit the J-box through the knockout.

The DALI PSU-6 can provide power to the DALI Bus and can source up to 200mA current. The violet wire is DA+ output; the grey wire is DA- output.

  1. Connect the DA+ and DA- output from the DALI PSU to the DALI port of the DALI device to be powered.
  2. For multiple DALI devices on the same DALI bus powered by a single DALI PSU, connect all DALI ports from the DALI device in parallel. Note the polarity of all the devices; connect violet to violet and grey to grey, DA+ to DA+ and DA- to DA-. 


Completing the Installation 

Step 1: Bend wires into place such that the J-box cover can easily be reattached.

Step 2: Install the covers for the J-box and ballast cavity, apply power to the newly wired lighting fixture, or turn the power on to the power-supply box.

Step 3: The Enlighted sensor will perform a wiring test based on the sensor commissioning status or programming.

Product Compliance:

Model: DALI PSU-6



This device complies with the essential requirements and other relevant requirements of CISPR 24, CSIPR 32 in the EMC Directive 2004/108/EMC and is compliant with the following standards: EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4.  In addition, the device is compliant with the IEC 61347-2-11 safety standard for Lamp Control gear.



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