Smart Managed Pro Switch (SW-PoE-8-8-NAS)

Note: This product is no longer supported by Enlighted. Use the Gigabit Smart Managed PoE Switch (DGS-1210-10MP) for new designs. 
The Smart Managed Pro Switch, sourced from NETGEAR, can be used with the Enlighted Gateways, and it provides data switching power for the Enlighted IoT network.
We can source the North American market for your convenience. However, for regions outside of the US market, please work with your local distributor and find the equivalent NETGEAR product SKU based in the region you are in.
Enlighted Product Code: SW-PoE-8-8-NAS 
NETGEAR Model / Product Code GC108PP/-100NAS 
Refer to the NETGEAR GC108P, GC108PP Insight Managed Gigabit Ethernet Smart Cloud FlexPoE Switches NETGEAR Product Datasheet. 
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