Sensor Wiring Test FAQ

How to validate the wiring test for Gen 5 High Bay and Ruggedized sensors (SU-5S-xxx) assembled with signify SR drivers XI095C275V054VPF1?

The wiring test duration may differ for the 2-wire sensors and 8-pin sensors since it depends on the number and type of drivers connected to a single sensor. However, the sensor LED indications for both are the same.

In general, after the test,

  • Solid GREEN indicates that the wiring test has passed.  
  • Blinking BLUE indicates that it is not possible to determine if the wiring test has passed or failed because there is no energy metering available from the driver. 
  • Blinking RED indicates that the wiring test has been completed with a few exceptions corresponding to a common error state. This could be due to any of the following reasons:
    • The fixture power level is too low, and the power change is too small to be deemed different.
    • In a few fixture designs, a non-dimmable driver is connected. The fixture does not support dimming and needs ON/OFF control from the sensor.
    • The driver power efficiency is low, which rendered the power consumption of total output vs. low dim level output to be both at a high overhead power consumption level, which narrowed down the power consumption differences among the different dimming setting levels, and 
    •  If none of the above, it may be due to wrong wiring, which the fixture manufacturer needs to troubleshoot.

While the test is running, the sensor LED will be solid RED.  The 2-wire driver must support energy metering (note that the Signify SR drivers do meet this requirement).  The wiring test will run for five power cycles, after which it will not run automatically. Instead, on subsequent power cycles, the LED will briefly display a solid RED (for about 5-10 seconds) and then indicate the final wiring test outcome. 

For the Ruggedized sensor, 2-wire, (SU-5S-2W-xRW), there is presently no ability to reset the wiring test power cycle counter in the field without Manage. Instead, commission the sensor in Manage, and then delete it. Deleting the sensor in Manage resets the sensor wiring test counter to 0 so that the sensor is ready for the subsequent five wiring test runs.

The power cycle test runs for the first five power cycles. If a sensor has exceeded the 5-cycle maximum and indicates a non-passing result, the sensor may be RMA’ed for replacement. Suppose it is confirmed that there is no wiring error in the fixture; ship the fixture with the sensor indicating a failed wiring test since the fixture can be successfully commissioned. Re-run the wiring test after the fixture has been installed. 


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