Enlighted Devices End-of-Life

As our products are continually evolving with new features, please stay up-to-date as we introduce changes. This article ensures that you stay informed of changes that might impact your orders, so we can ensure that products can be shipped quickly to you with minimum downtime.

We send an email notification when changes occur, such as product deprecation, product name changes, regulatory amendments. In addition to sending an email, we post all End of Life circulars on this page so you can easily reference them.

Enlighted End of Life (EOL) Products

End-of-Life Products:

PoE Switches

The following PoE Switches have reached the End-of-Life (EoL) and are no longer actively supported.

  • 16-port Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Switch sourced from Netgear (SW-PoE-16-8)
  • 8-port Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Switch sourced from Linksys (SW-PoE-8-8), and
  • 4-port Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Switch sourced from Netgear (SW-PoE-8-4)
  • 8-port Smart Managed Pro Switch from Netgear (SW-PoE-8-8-NAS)

PoE End of Life Discontinuation Letter: Download PoESwitch_EoL).

Power Supplies

  1. Fixtureless Power Supply (PWR-NF)
  2. Power Supply for 2-Wire Sensors (PWR-2W-8)
  3. DALI Bus Power Supply, 90/264VAC Input, 16V Output, 3W (PWR-2W-DALI)




Discontinuation LetterAT-4G-00 Modem/VZ-4G-00 Modem

Control Units

  1. Control Unit CU-3E-1R
  2. Control Unit CU-3E-EA


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