Change Profile for a Plugload

The profile for a Plugload is initially set when a Plugload is commissioned. Before you change a Plugload profile, ensure that the profile exists or see how to create or edit a profile. To assign a profile to plugloads, select a floor in the facility left panel.

It can later be changed by any of the following actions:

Click the Floor Plan tab and select one or more Plugloads on a floor plan display, and right-click—Select Assign Profile in the resulting pop-up.


In the Assign Profile window, select the required profile instance, and click Apply to assign a profile instance to the selected plugloads. 


You can also assign a profile to a plugload from the Fixture Details screen. Double-click a Plugload on the floor plan and assign a profile from the Current Profile drop-down list.


If you need to modify the Plugload profile settings, you may edit the values in the profile. See Edit Profile.

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