View Plug Load Controller (PLC) Details

Double-click the Plug Load Controller (PLC) icon on the floor plan. The Plug Load Controller Details dialog box contains three tabs, which are:

  • Overview – Shows the status, state, and configuration of a Plug Load Controller and includes:
    • Controls to modify the operational mode (Auto or Manual (On/Off))
    • The Reboot button will reboot the fixture with the settings as per the Plug Load Controller Details.
  • Plugload Profile – This shows the configuration of the behavior for the plugload. Note that this is the same display shown for profiles, as described in Creating Plugload Profiles. This tab also includes the Push Plugload Profile It is used to cause a change of profile instance to be immediately sent (pushed) to the plugload instead of waiting until the next update cycle.
    Note: The Push Plugload Profile button will be active only when a profile assigned to a plugload is changed.
  • Energy Summary – This shows the energy savings (past and current) and the plugload's current energy load. 

Example of the Plugload Details screen showing the Overview tab:



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