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All devices such as sensors, gateways, switches in the system are either commissioned or uncommissioned. A device“from the factory” starts in the uncommissioned state. As a part of the installation, it is commissioned. When commissioned, it will be placed on a floor, and an icon for the device will be shown on the floor plan. 

The floor plan displays the location of devices such as sensors, gateways, plugloads, switches on the floor with icons to locate them. Note that the gateway and all sensors bound to that gateway must be on the same floor. The icons for sensors change color depending on the attribute being shown.

This article describes the Floor Plan view in which you can set the size of icons or perform tasks that affect the visual appearance of the Floor plan. For information about the device icons and their statuses, refer to the articles Device Icons and Connectivity Status Icons.

To view the floor plan display,

  1. Click Facilities in the left panel.
  2. Select a Floor.
  3. Select the Floor Plan tab. The following screen is displayed.


 The list of menu items that you will see here are:

  • View – Controls the sensor icons displayed on the floor plan. 
  • Find – Select icons on the floor plan.
  • Override Light Level – Manually adjust the light level of the selected fixtures by dragging the slider.
    The fixtures will remain in manual mode for sixty minutes and then change to auto mode. However,
    if the light level is readjusted, the time will be reset automatically to sixty minutes.
  • Auto – Return the selected fixtures to auto light levels as specified in the light profile.
  • Save PDF – Saves the floor plan image as a PDF file. 
  • Legend – Displays the list of devices and their corresponding icons as shown below. For more information about the device icons and statuses, refer to the articles Device Icons and Connectivity Status Icons.


The following are the tool panel description:

  • Select Displaying_Floor_Plan_Select.png: Select an individual or set of devices in the floor plan image
  • Pan Displaying_Floor_Plan_Pan.png: Grab and move the floor plan image around the window
  • Fit Contents Displaying_Floor_Plan_Fit_Contents.png: Fit the floor plan image to the size of the window pane.
  • Refresh Displaying_Floor_Plan_Refresh.png: Refresh the display area
  • Zoom: Zoom in or out to adjust the zoom level of the floorplan. At minimum zoom (slider all the way to the left) the entire floorplan image will be visible. Drag the zoom slider or use the mouse scroll wheel to the required zoom setting. As you zoom in/out, the device icons adjust their size to remain the same size relative to the floor plan.
  • Lock Drag Drop: Toggle between locking or unlocking the movement of icons on the floor plan
  • Show Grid: Toggle to show or hide grid on the floor plan. Slide the slider to change the grid size on the floor plan.
  • Resize icons: Adjust the size of device icons on the floorplan. When zooming in/out on the floorplan device icons on the screen will remain the same size relative to the floorplan image (icons get bigger when you zoom in, icons get smaller when you zoom out).
  • Snap to Grid: Reposition selected icons on the floor plan to align with intersections on the grid.
  • Select All: Select all icons on the floor plan.

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