Adjust Color Temperature for one or more Fixtures

You can adjust the color temperature of one or more sensors from the floor plan. The color temperature for the sensors is set by default to sixty minutes.

Read the recommended prerequisites to make sure that the fixtures support Tunable White.

To adjust the color temperature from the floor plan,

  1. Click on the Floor name in the Facilities left panel and click the Floor Plan tab.
  2. On the floor plan display, selecting one or more sensors displays the Override color box next to the Override Light Level box.
    If the Override color box  is not displayed, it could be that the fixtures do not have the corresponding Fixture Manufacturer Table (FMT) uploaded or the sensor firmware version is 5.3 and below. Refer to the Adjust the Color Temperature for a Sensor with Firmware v5.3
  3. Drag the Override color slider to the required color temperature. The LED fixture adjusts the color accordingly for an hour by default.


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