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The following popup appears when you right-click on any sensor, switch, or ERC on the floor plan.


Each function is explained below.

  • Assign Profile – Results in a pop-up containing the list of profiles. Clicking Apply on a profile instance, causes the profile instance to be applied to all selected fixtures.
  • Assign Fixture Type – Results in a pop-up containing a drop-down list of assigned fixture types on the floor. Select a fixture type from the list to assign to the fixture. 

The Area dropdown list displays two options:

  • Assign Area – Selecting an area, causes the selected devices to become members of the area. A fixture may be a member of a single area, at most. Thus, for devices already a member of an area, this will first remove the devices before adding them as members to the selected area.
  • Unassign Area – Removes the selected devices from any area to which they are assigned.
SC_ConfigureGroups.png Create/Configure Groups – Results in a pop-up for configuring devices to be part of a group.
  • Create Motion Group – Configure devices to be a part of a motion group. 
  • Create Switch Group – Configure devices to be a part of a switch group.
  • Create Daylight Group – Configure sensors or fixtures to be part of a daylight group, so they respond to maintain a consistent light level based on available daylight. 
  • Configure Groups – Configure devices to be a part of a motion group and switch group. 
SC_ConfigureHopper.png Configure Hopper – Results in a pop-up for configuring the selected fixture to be configured as a hopper.
  • Enable Hopper – The selected fixture can broadcast messages to other fixtures in its range.
  • Disable Hopper – The selected fixture’s hopper function is de-selected.
SC_TW.png Configure Tunable White – Results in configuring the selected fixture for Tunable White. A tunable white fixture can vary the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) from cool to warm white.
  • Enable Tunable White – The color temperature of the selected fixtures can be adjusted to the desired color tuning.
  • Disable Tunable White – Disables Tunable White function for the selected fixtures.
SC_OtherDevices.png Add Other Devices – Results in a popup to add locator icons for devices such as Manage, unmanaged fixtures, or unmanaged emergency fixtures on the floor plan display.
SC_SensorMotionAPI.png Configure Sensor Motion API – Results in configuring the sensors to provide motion-bit data via the Fine-grain Motion API.
  • Enable Sensor Motion API – Enables the Sensor Motion API for the selected fixtures.
  • Disable Sensor Motion API – Disables the Sensor Motion API for the selected fixtures.
SC_Throughputtest.png This option is highlighted only when the Network is selected as an option in the drop-down list from the View and Throughput Test option from Diagnostics.
  • Run Throughput Test Now – Measures the maximum throughput that the network can support with a Packet Error Rate.
  • Set Target Ambient Light Level – Results in setting the target ambient light level for daylight harvesting automatically or manually. The sensors dim the fixture to maintain an ambient light level reading at the set target ambient light. This is also used to calculate the group light level for sensors in a daylight group. You can set the threshold manually based on the selected sensors current ambient value that is displayed. Perform the automatic calibration at night and set the fixtures to a light level of 100% before clicking the Submit button.
  • Enable Emergency Fixture – This allows a fixture on the floor plan display to be identified as an emergency fixture.
  • Change Gateway – Change sensors to a different gateway.
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