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Daylight groups provide a uniform dim level across a group of fixtures for improved aesthetics. The lights
are dimmed or brightened to achieve a uniform group light level in response to fluctuations in daylight.
Daylight groups aim to find the right balance between aesthetics, occupant comfort, and energy efficiency. 

To determine which fixtures already belong to a Daylight group,

  1. Click the Facilities tab, select a Floor from the left panel.
  2. Select the Floor Plan tab.
  3. Select the Daylight Group from the View option.


4. Choose Select All from the Select a Daylight Group option.

All daylight groups are displayed. Each daylight group is displayed in a different color on the floor map. The lights in each daylight group dim or brighten to achieve a uniform dim level. Choose the name of the daylight group in the Select a Daylight Group to view a specific daylight group.

For example, selecting the '214 CEO' daylight group displays the sensors in the conference rooms' that dim or brighten the lights to maintain a uniform light level in response to the daylight coming in through the large windows.


To create a Daylight Group, refer to the article Create Daylight Group.

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