2-wire Fixtured Sensors

This article applies to the following 2-wire Gen 5 (SU-5) products connected as fixtured sensors to control lighting.

  1. Micro Sensor with 2-wire Adaptor cable (KIT-SU-5E-D)
  2. High Bay Sensor, 2-wire, (SU-5S-2W-H) 
  3. Ruggedized Sensor, 2-wire, (SU-5S-2W-xRx)

The Enlighted Gen 5 (SU-5E), 2-wire sensors easily connect to compatible 2-wire DALI, DALI 2, D4i certified drivers simplifying installation, reducing wiring errors, and providing plug-and-play capabilities. This article describes how to wire a SU-5, 2-wire sensor with the 2-wire DALI LED driver for wiring custom fixtures.

The Enlighted SU-5, 2-wire sensors are polarity insensitive, which means no positive or negative polarity on the 2-wire sensors. The DALI power wires (DA+ and DA-) can be connected to either sensor terminal without polarity.  

Built-in PSUs: For DALI drivers with a built-in DALI PSU, the DALI port's two wires provide both a power supply and a digital communications path between the sensor and the connected driver.  The sensor does not need any additional sensor cables connected to drivers, unlike the SU-5, 8-pin sensors. Refer to the IoT Ready 2-wire Sensor Compatible (DALI) Drivers for the list of suggested DALI drivers with built-in DALI PSU.

External PSUs: For DALI drivers without a built-in DALI PSU, an external PSU can be added to the DALI bus. When using an external PSU, ensure that you adhere to the DALI power supply and driver polarity connections. 

The following two options show how to wire the 2-wire sensors to a DALI driver with a built-in PSU. 

Wiring a SU-5, 2-Wire Sensor with DALI Driver 

When the sensor is integrated into the fixture, connect the SU-5, 2-wire sensor to the DALI driver with a built-in Power Supply Unit (PSU).  


2-Wire, Sensor with DALI Driver


Wiring Multiple DALI Drivers with Built-in PSU 

Multiple drivers with built-in DALI PSU can be connected to the SU-5, 2-wire sensor.  Check the maximum current output limits of the drivers connected, ensuring that the aggregated total max current of all the drivers connected does not exceed 250mA (which is the DALI standard specified maximum limit). For the Micro sensor, use it with the 2-wire Adaptor cable (KIT-SU-5E-D).


Wiring a Remote SU-5, 2-Wire Sensor with DALI Driver 

When the sensor is external to the fixture, request the manufacturer to install a 2-conductor Wago type push-in connector on top of the custom fixture housing. Use the factory-installed whip or use any plenum-rated #18 AWG cable for wiring. The maximum wire length for wiring cannot exceed 300 ft (90 m) when connecting to the remote SU-5, 2-wire, sensor. 

Connect the cable from the SR+ driver to the sensor through the Wago connector. Connect the other cable from SR- driver to the sensor through the second port of the Wago connector.

Note: No other RJ45 connectors or sensor cables are needed.


For connecting 2-wire sensors as fixtureless sensors, refer to the article, Gen 5, 2-wire, Install Solutions for Fixtureless Sensors.

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