High Bay/Ruggedized Sensors (SU-5S-H, SU-5S-xRx) FAQs


Do we have a wall mount option for High Bay sensors? 

The Adjustable Mounting Bracket (BRKT-SU) is available as a wall-mount for the High Bay sensor. Adjustable Mounting Bracket: BRKT-SU. Refer to the High Bay Sensor Installation Guide. Ensure that the sensor coverage is adequate for the specific use-case.  Refer to the Spec Sheet.

Does the High Bay Sensor, 2-wire, (SU-5S-2W-H) get powered from the power supply or Phillips SR drivers?

The High Bay, 2-wire sensor can get power from the Phillips SR Drivers. There are many other compatible 2-wire drivers and external Power Supply Unit (PSUs) listed in the IoT Ready 2-wire Sensor Compatible (DALI) Drivers article. Some drivers require an external power supply for the sensor, depending on the built-in PSU. 

When the High Bay Sensor is mounted at 65’-70’, is it possible to dim the fixture since 50' is the recommended mounting height?

The 50’ mounting height relates to the PIR motion detector range, not the radio RF range.

If mounted at higher mounting heights, the PIR will have less sensitivity on the ground (because it is further away) and might not detect motion below the fixture.
The radio range is subject to many variables. The Enlighted ‘open field’ “Line of sight (LOS)” range is greater than 150’, however that can be decreased based on other objects that are near the LOS path which can cause interference due to ‘multipath’ reflections. Further, for the radios, the path is sensor to sensor, not sensor to ground, so the fixture spacing and distance from the sensor to the gateway is the key factor, and not the mounting height.

What is the maximum operating temperature of the sensor?

  • Maximum operating temperature is found in the sensor's specification sheet.  For ruggedized sensors the operating temperature range is -31 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit /-35 to 85 degrees Centigrade. See Ruggedized Sensor (SU-5S) Spec Sheet for details.

Can I paint the housing of the High Bay sensor (SU-4S/SU-5S), Ruggedized sensor (SU-4S-HRW, SU-5S-HRW)?

  • Yes, follow the process below:

    1. Mask the lens.
    2. Use an anti-static air gun to remove any static electricity that may be present.
    3. Use an alcohol wipe to clean the surface to be painted.
    4. Use a polyurethane-based primer on the cleaned surface.
    5. Use any acrylic-based paint for the desired color.

Is the Ruggedized Sensor, 2-wire, (SU-5S-2W-HRW) waterproof?

What are the default dim settings for the Ruggedized sensors?

Ruggedized SU5 sensors shipped with firmware v5.0.20 have 65% as the default light setting. For more information, refer to the following articles.

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