Surface Sensor (SU-5i-USB) FAQs


Does the Surface Sensor, USB, (SU-5i-USB) require the 3-foot sensor cable from the sensor to the USB adapter (CBL-5E-USB-3F)? 

The Surface Sensor uses any USB-A to micro USB-B or micro USB-A connector cable up to 8 m/26.2 ft in length. Refer to the article Surface Sensor (SU-5i-USB) Spec Sheet and Install Guide.

Does the under desk sensor have temperature capability like the regular sensor (in the light fixtures)?

The sensor has all the capabilities of other sensors and the only thing that makes the sensor a "desk sensor" is the mounting bracket and sensor mask to limit the sensor range.

Can the Surface Sensor be powered to a controlled receptacle?

No. Power the Surface Sensor only to an uncontrolled receptacle that continuously supplies power. Do not connect it to a controlled receptacle.  

Can we get desk occupancy from the Surface sensor via BACnet?

No. The Surface Sensor Desk occupancy information cannot be fetched via BACnet.  

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