High Bay or Ruggedized sensor (SU-5S) Grid with BZ-50 Power Pack (03177-01)

Warning: Not recommended for new designs. Instead, refer to the following Line Diagram:

Diagram depicts the connections between a High Bay (SU-5S-x) or Ruggedized (SU-5S-xRx) sensor with BZ-50 Power Pack. 

Note: Up to 20 Ruggedized sensors can be connected to a power pack, and each sensor will require one sensor cable (CBL-RJ45-4W-22N) with CPI-RJ45 coupler.

Download the line diagram PDF. Line_Diagram_-_SU-5S_-_Sensor_Grid_-_w-BZ-50_Power_Pack_-_93-03177-01.jpg


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