Manage in the Cloud (EMC) Riser Diagram (03169-02)

Download a PDF version of the Enlighted Manage in the Cloud (EMC) Riser diagram.

The following diagram shows the placement of Enlighted lighting devices such as sensors, control units, gateways, ERC switches, with Manage in the Cloud.

  • Enlighted devices and wiring must be installed under state, local, and National Electric Codes.
  • The maximum CAT5e or CAT6 cable distance between the Gateway and PoE switch or PoE switch to PoE switch is 300'. Installation is as per IEEE 802.3 Standards.
  • One dedicated 20A, 120v circuit with a duplex receptacle, recommended for each 8-port PoE switch and Enterprise Manage (EEM).
  • Fixtures with integrated Enlighted sensors and Control Units communicate wirelessly with the Enlighted Gateway.
  • Groups of fixtures controlled by an Enlighted sensor and a single Control Unit communicate wirelessly with the Enlighted Gateway.
  • Enlighted Room Controllers (ERCs) communicate wirelessly with Enlighted sensors on the same radio channel (Gateway).



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