Enable Desk Sensors (Surface Sensor, SU-5i-USB)

Desk sensor (Product: Surface Sensor, SU-5i-USB), a type of fixtureless sensor, is used for detecting and streaming occupancy status to Manage. The Desk Sensor is preconfigured as a Fixture Type in the Fixture Type database. When sensors are designated as a Desk Sensor, the sensors report real-time occupancy status. You will need Sensor license and API License for sensors to report real-time occupancy status. Refer to the License Types and Product Codes.   

Enabling desk sensors to report occupancy status is a two-step process: 

  1. Assign the 'Desk Sensor' Fixture Type to a facility. 
  2. Assign Desk Sensor Fixture Type to a Sensor 

Assign Desk Sensor Fixture Type to a Facility

To assign a Desk Sensor Fixture Type to a facility, navigate to Administration > System Management.

  1. Select Fixture Type Management > Fixture Type tabs.
  2. Select Desk Sensor Fixture Type, and click the Assign Facility tab in the Action column.


In the Assign Facility pop-up, select a facility and click Save to assign the Fixture Type to the facility.


When the Desk Sensor Fixture Type is assigned to the facility, the Desk Sensor is displayed in the drop-down list when assigning it to one or more sensors.  

Assign Desk Sensor Fixture Type to Sensors

To enable one or more sensors on the floor plan as Desk Sensors,

  1. Select a floor in the Facilities left panel.
  2. Select the Floor Plan tab.
  3. Select one or more sensors, right-click, and select Assign Fixture Type.
  4. Select a Fixture Type from the drop-down list.
  5. Click the Apply button.


The sensors are assigned to the   fixture type Desk Sensor.

You can also assign the Fixture Type to a sensor by double-clicking a sensor on the floor plan and selecting the Desk Sensor Fixture Type in the drop-down list in the Fixture Details screen.



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