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Contact Closure

Is it possible to install Contact Closure on an EMC?

No. The Contact Closure cannot be installed on an EMC. It can only be installed on an on-prem Manage  as the Contact Closure needs to obtain the IP address from an on-prem Manage. The EMC  gets its IP address from the customer network.

Can you program a Contact Closure to Manage if the Contact Closure is getting DHCP from a customer network? 

No. The Contact Closure must get the IP address from an on-prem Manage DHCP.  This applies to all models: Manage, Midrange Manage, Enterprise Manage. 

How many of the Contact Closure devices can be configured to Manage?

Up to a maximum of ten Contact Closures can be connected to a Manage via the Gateway network to one of the Ethernet ports on the PoE Switch. Refer to the Contact Closure Spec Sheet.

Is the Contact Closure shipped with a power adapter?

Yes. The Barionet 50  contact closure is shipped with a 24V power supply. Refer to


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