Release Notes for Where v2.2

The release notes list the new features and enhancements added for Where v2.2 software.

New Features

The Where 2.2 release provides the following new features:

  • Import maps with rooms, room types, and departments.
  • A dashboard view of real-time inventory and status by department and floor.
  • New events for battery, tag button press, and tamper button activated on the physical tag.
  • Report and export current and historic locations, events, statuses, categories, etc.
  • Add custom fields in tag record and search and report by fields.


The following list provides an overview of improvements made in Where v2.2:

  • Scaled data pipeline to >200 tags in small areas.
  • Improved location accuracy in a variety of installation types and building environments.
  • Improved badge battery life for up to two years.
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