Recovering from System Failure

If the Manage server hardware has failed, it must be replaced. If the system files have become corrupted, reinstall the Manage server software.

In both cases, if a backup file is on the USB flash drive, use the drive to restore the system configuration and performance data. On first access to the Manage server, if the USB flash drive contains backups, then it can be used to set up the system, skipping re-entering the information about the organization, campus, building, and floors. However, if no backup is available on the USB flash drive, but a backup has been downloaded from the system before it failed, it can be used after placeholder values have been entered for first access to the system.

The backup and restore provides the means to recover from minor and major problems. Best practice includes creating backup files before and after system configuration changes and a periodic download of a backup file to store in a separate physical location.

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