Micro Sensor Blinder (MASK-SU-5e-50)

The Micro Sensor Blinder (MASK-SU-5e-50) is an accessory that can be ordered with Gen 5 Micro Sensors (SU-5E) to customize the Passive Infrared (PIR) Field of View (FoV). This accessory is shipped as a 50-piece multipack of 25 pieces of Half Mask blinders and 25 pieces of crescent Half Mask blinders.

The Micro Sensor (SU-5e) incorporates an optical Fresnel lens that works with the digital Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor to detect occupancy and motion.  When the Micro Sensor is deployed as recommended, the maximum sensing distance for Major motion is 10 feet radius. Minor motion is 8 feet radius when the sensor is mounted at 8.5 feet high. Refer to the Micro Sensor Spec Sheet for the sensor coverage patterns. 

However, if you would like to block the sensor Field-of-view (FoV)  for any unwanted hallway traffic when a person passes near or outside the region, use the blinder devices (MASK-SU-5e-50) to block detection. For example, if you would like to turn on room lights when a person enters the room, using the blinder will reduce false detection and FoV when persons walk by the room in the adjacent corridor. The blinder limits the size of the area being monitored. The blinder can be selectively positioned on any side of the lens (left, right, top, or below) to restrict the FoV. The blinder comes in two shapes, as shown below. 

Half Mask Blinder                               Crescent Half Mask Blinder 

Blinder1.png                                  Dip_blinder.png

Half Mask Blinder: Sensor Coverage Pattern 


Crescent Half Mask Blinder: Sensor Coverage Pattern


Positioning the Blinder 

Slowly pull the sensor installed in the ceiling down from its holder and slide the blinder on top of the lens. Gently guide the sensor cable and push the sensor into the carrier until it securely clicks into the carrier. 

Refer to the Micro Sensor, 8-pin, (SU-5E) Installation Guide for installing the sensor.




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