Creating a Backup

Only admin users can access the Backup and Restore screen.

1. Sign in to Manage using your admin login credentials. Re-verify the password for the user

2. Go to Administration > Backup and Restore. The Backup and Restore screen is displayed. The second
    sub-panel, Backup, is for a backup to be done immediately by an administrator.

3. Enter a preferable filename in the Backup File Name field.


The filename specified in the input field is the prefix of the resulting filename, which will have a suffix added: the date and time with a “tar.gz” extension.

4. Click Backup Now. The backup is initiated, and the following pop-up appears.


After the backup is completed, the bottom line in the pop-up will display the line Click here to refresh the page. Following is an example:


5. Click on the word here to exit the pop-up and update the backup and restore the screen.

The generated backup file is stored in the external device or uploaded to the remote server, depending on the backup option selected. If enough space is not available on the external hard drive or if the server cannot connect to the SFTP server, the file is stored in the directory /opt/enLighted/DB/DBBK on the Manage server.


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