Cables for Replacing Control Unit (CU-3) with CU-4E

This article explains how to replace the Control Unit (CU-3) with CU-4E cable details.


  • As Replacement for CU-3:
    • Same footprint
    • Same functionality
    • Different cabling
  • Cable adaptor (CBL-CU4-CPL) is required when replacing CU-3 with CU-4E, keeping existing cable and sensor.

Improved for New Design:

The CU-4E is an improved new design with the following features:

  • Break-off tab for a smaller footprint
  • Second 0-10V Dimming channel
  • RJ45 Sensor Connector allows the use of CAT5 patch cables for connecting and extending cabling to the sensor.


Cable Adaptor (CBL-CU4-CPL) for CU3 Replacement

  • Sensors connected to CU3 used cables that always terminated with an RJ12 connector for plugging into the CU3
  • If the CU3 requires RMA replacement with a CU4, use the cable adaptor (CBL-CU4-CPL) is needed to correctly translate the 6-pin RJ12 wiring to the 8-pin RJ45 wiring used by the CU4.


CU-4E Adaptor Cable

CU-4E Adaptor Cable: When a Gen 4 sensor (SU-4) connected to a  CU-3 that needs to be replaced with a CU-4E, use the CU-4E adaptor cable.


Recommended article:

Refer to the Cabling Guide for Gen 5 sensors for a list of cables and pinouts.


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