Gen 5 Sensors FAQ


What is the best sensor mounting options for areas with no ceiling grid, for example, open office and hard lid? 

The Enlighted Hard Ceiling Mount Carrier is a flexible mounting solution for the following sensors:

Additionally, the following are some examples of ceiling mounting sensors.  

J-box dropped from an open ceiling


Sensor mount case in slats


Do you have pictures of different ways your sensor is mounted?

Sensor installation guides let you know the different ways the sensors can be mounted. Some specific mounting solutions (like CASE-SU-5E SU-5E Mounting Case Installation Guide) have their own install guides. 

Can we place the sensor in between a PMMA (methacrylate) panel and people?

No. The sensor should not be placed behind any plastic or glass material. The PIR (Passive Infrared) signal will not pass through those materials, and the sensor will be unable to detect motion.

How high can you install your sensors? 

SU-5E sensors can be installed at heights up to 20 feet. SU-5S High Bay sensors have a maximum height of 50 feet. Refer to the Sensor Spec Sheets.

Is there a line diagram for the Fixtureless sensor installation drawings? The line diagram on the support site shows the CS-D2-FL sensors, not the latest iteration of the Gen 5 2-wire sensor (SU-5E-FL)

Refer to the Line Diagram - Sensor Grid - w-BZ-50 Power Pack.


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