California SB-327 Information Privacy: Connected Devices

Download the SB-327 Letter of Compliance.

To whom it may concern:
From day one, Enlighted has built-in leading data security protocols into the Enlighted IoT solution. We take the security and privacy of your data seriously. The California SB-327 information privacy law for connected devices is a step forward to ensure the IoT industry meets a baseline of security and privacy – a baseline that Enlighted has been advocating and frequently exceeding for over ten years. Of course, the need to continuously enhance security persists. Through our solution’s capability for over-the-air firmware upgrades, Enlighted will continue to respond to new threats and lead the industry with security enhancements that go far beyond what is today considered by SB-327 to be “reasonable security” procedures, practices, and features.

Enlighted certifies that the Enlighted IoT Solution is compliant with California SB-327 when installed properly in accordance with Enlighted network design guidelines.


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