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This article describes the procedure to generate reports. Three report types are available in the Reports menu in Manage, which are:

  • Audit Log – shows the system audit log.
  • Inventory – shows the number of fixtures, lamps, ballasts, and other devices for a selected facility item.
  • ERC Battery – shows the battery levels for ERCs for a selected facility item

Audit Log Report

For each action initiated by a system user (including signing in), an audit log entry is created. All user roles, except Employee, can view this log. To know more information about audit log entries, refer to the article Monitoring Audit Log.

Inventory Report

The Inventory report shows the number and types of sensors, along with the types of ballasts and drivers for the entire facility. You can export the report to an Excel file (CSV) format and view the file.

Click on the Reports > Inventory Report menu to see the report. The following is an example report:


ERC Battery Report

The ERC battery report shows the battery levels for ERCs for the entire facility. 

  • Click on the Reports > ERC Battery Report to select this report. 

An ERC Battery report can be scheduled to be generated automatically and sent by email. To do so,

  1. Select Enable in the Scheduler tab.
  2. Type the recipient's email address in the Email field.
  3. Schedule the time and day when the ERC report needs to be generated by clicking, and selecting a time from the clock pop-up.
  4. Select the days the report should run each week recurrently. For example, if this report should be generated twice a week every Tuesday and Thursday, place a check in the box of those days.


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