Surface Sensor, USB, (SU-5i-USB)

The Surface Sensor, USB, available in a minimally-sized package, provides users with real-time occupancy availability. The Surface Sensor, optimized for easy deployment, mounts to ceiling tiles and under desks.

View or download the Surface Sensor, USB, Spec Sheet: English rev.08 

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We recommend that you review the Surface Sensor (SU-5i-USB) Design Guidelines before installing or using the sensor. To install the sensor on the underside of a desk or a ceiling tile, refer to the Surface Sensor, USB, (SU-5i-USB) Installation Guide. 

For obtaining location and occupancy data from the sensors, you will need the IoT Sensor license. For example, if you have commissioned 500 Surface sensors, you need to enable BLE beaconing of the commissioned sensors and purchase at least 500 IoT sensor licenses on Manage. In addition to the IoT Sensor license,  you will need to purchase additional API software licenses for getting real-time occupancy or location-based data from the sensors via APIs.

For a list of Surface Sensor most commonly asked questions, refer to the Surface Sensor FAQs.


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