Configure Sensors as Hoppers

Sensors can be configured as signal repeaters or hoppers to carry data or broadcast messages to other sensors, or Gateway within the wireless network. However, note that activating a sensor as a hopper can limit and add constraints to the data flow and compromise data collection. Refer to the Network and IT Design Guidance for Hopper guidelines. Also, Hopper sensors with firmware v5.1.64 or above will be able to broadcast ERC messages. 

Note: Only commissioned sensors should be configured as hoppers. Configuring a placed but uncommissioned sensor as a hopper will permanently disable the sensor requiring the sensor to be physically replaced.

The selected sensor can broadcast messages to other sensors in its range.  The icon ConnectivityHealthyHopper.png indicates that the sensor is designated as a hopper. When the power is off to the sensor, the hopper icon turns gray. 

To configure a sensor as a hopper, follow these steps:

  1. In the Facilities left panel, click on the floor name. 
  2. Click the Floor Plan tab.
  3. Select a sensor on the floor plan and right-click.
  4. Select Configure Hopper and then select Enable Hopper in the pop-up.

configure_sensors_hopper_1.png To disable a sensor as a hopper, right-click on the hopper sensor and select Configure Hopper > Disable Hopper in the pop-up. 

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