EldoLED Driver FAQ

Are the EldoLED 50W DALI 'Dim to Dark' LED Driver and OSRAM DEXAL LED drivers compatible with the Enlighted 2-wire sensors?

Both Xitanium drivers are compatible with the Enlighted 2-wire sensors, based on DALI features and the SR port power specifications. Note that the EldoLED driver will need an external Power Supply Unit (PSU).

In general, Enlighted sensors are compatible with all DALI drivers. If a driver lacks an internal Power Supply Unit (PSU), then an external PSU must be provided. If a driver lacks energy metering, then the wiring test will conclude with a blinking blue sensor LED. The DALI commands that Enlighted supports for the general case are broadcast only arc power (dimming) commands.  

Are the EldoLED and Osram 0-10v drivers compatible with the Enlighted devices?

In general, CU-4E must be added to the fixture to power the sensor and to ensure that the driver can be turned off. To dim properly, the 0-10V control must be LINEAR dimming. Only the EldoLED Linear 0-10V driver’s dimming option will work properly.

Refer to the line diagram SU-5 and CU-4E with one or more 0-10V Drivers

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